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OHLA at Super Conference 2014

Super Conference 2014 (Jan. 29 - Feb. 1) has come and gone in a flurry of informative sessions and great OHLA member events. OHLA would like to thank EBSCO, Lexicomp and OVID for sponsoring our delicious annual OHLA member breakfast, Lunch and dinner.

For those of you who were unable to attend this year's OHLA Annual General Meeting, meeting minutes are available in the OHLA Members Only Toolbox (login required).

2013 OHLA Award Winners:

Every year, OHLA recognises outstanding OHLA members for their professional excellence and valuable contributions to the Ontario health library community. This year, OHLA would like to congratulate the following OHLA award winners:

  • Jami van haaften ~ Lifetime Achievement Award
  • Gail Knagg ~ Top Solo in the Library Award
  • Bonnie Brownstein ~ The Conference Registration Award

    2014 Conference Report

    Every year, OHLA awards one member with the Conference Registration Award. The winner gets their conference fee reimbursed in order to support their educational potential and help expand their professional growth by participating at the OLA Super Conference. In return, OHLA asks winners to write an article about their conference experience.

    The 2014 winner was Bonnie Brownstein! Below is her experience of the 2014 Super Conference.

    For a pdf version of Bonnie's experience, click here

    SuperConference 2015: The Conference Report from the 2014 recipient of the OHLA Conference Registration Award

    Bonnie Brownstein, MLS
    Librarian - Health Sciences Library
    North Bay Regional Health Centre
    North Bay, Ontario

      SuperConference 2015 was a whirlwind of activity. Winning the OHLA Conference Registration Award enabled me to attend this conference even though the hospital I work for is in the midst of waves of severe budget cuts. It is especially worthwhile for Librarians from outside the GTA to apply for this award since winning it will mean their only expenses are travel and food/accommodation.

      It is always good to have a chance to network with other Librarians and there are some very inspiring OHLA members. Here are some of the highlights from the two days I attended:

      • OHLA sponsored session – Transforming Instruction with the Flipped Classroom. Presenters: http://subjectguides.uwaterloo.ca/OLAflipped This is done in academic settings and I am not sure this would translate to a hospital setting. The basic idea seems to be to assign quite a lot of work to be done before the students take the class so that in the class there will be less time spent lecturing and more time spent practicing. With the flipped format the Librarian finds out in advance both what students already know and what they think they know. In an academic setting students can be motivated to do the pre-work by needing to receive a mark for the course. The speakers made the following recommendations:
      • setting a clear deadline for completing the pre-class work
      • choosing this format when students need the information – e.g. time it for when they need to complete a term paper and already have chosen a topic.
      • Using the pre-class feedback to influence what you teach. For example the pre-class feedback highlighted a need to know about grey literature. This went into the class although this had not been the plan

      OHLA Spotlight speaker – Creative Thinking: A 21st Century Success Skill. Presenter: Gerard Puccio of The International Center for Studies in Creativity http://creativity.buffalostate.edu This was a really fun session that emphasized that creativity can indeed be learned and that because of the pace of change, creativity is now crucial for professional success. The number one barrier to creativity is a risk averse culture. One in class exercise had us divide into small groups to brainstorm on how to improve a bathtub. My group came up with a host of wacky ideas. What is creativity and why is it important?

      • To solve problems that need solutions and drive improvements
      • To do more with less
      • To discard ideas of what we think is necessary
      • To adapt to changing environments
      • To bring about change/social change
      • To increase our sense of fun and joy

      Here are more interesting sessions I attended:

      • Altmetrics in action: documenting cuts to federal government science presented by John Dupuis of York University. His blog post which became famous is “The Canadian War on Science” John conducted “altmetrics” to determine the impact of his own blog post.
      • “The future of libraries: the critical issues” My favourite quote from Presenter Ken Haycock is “Customer satisfaction is not enough to keep us in business. His remarks were aimed at public and academic librarians but generally he emphasized the need to define what our “brand” is and knowing how to differentiate ourselves from the competition whether that be Google Help or what is essentially a reference service now offered by the Globe & Mail!
      • The Lightning Rounds for Health Libraries were all about interesting projects or initiatives. I was especially struck by the re-branding and marketing efforts of the Librarians from St. Michael’s Hospital.
      • Check out Healthline - a website for the public to find health and community services across Ontario

      Finally – the great food must be mentioned –a wonderful lunch sponsored by McGraw Hill and supper sponsored by Ovid. Kudos to the OHLA Executive and Conference organizers for their great contributions to the OLA SuperConference 2015. To see the above presentations go to the APP.


    AGM Photos:

    Powerpoint slide of the OHLA Webmaster's proposed website redesignPhoto Description : Gail knagg in the centre receiving her award for Top Solo, left: Toni Janik, right: Mary McDiarmid





    Gurvinder gives conference report at OHLA AGMPhoto Description: Jami van Haaften in the centre receiving her award for lifetime achievement,
    Left: Kim Aslett

    Right: Toni Janik





    Gurvinder gives conference report at OHLA AGMPhoto Description: Award Winner for  the conference registration Award : Bonnie Brownstein







    Gurvinder gives conference report at OHLA AGMPhoto Description: Toni Janik giving her report at AGM






    Powerpoint slide of the OHLA Webmaster's proposed website redesignPhoto Description: Orien Duda giving his Treasurer report at AGM






    Gurvinder gives conference report at OHLA AGM

    Photo Description: Mary McDiarmid giving her report as conference planner at AGM






    OHLA Sessions and Special Events

  • Printable Guide to OHLA Sessions and Events
  • Full Super Conference Program

  • OHLA Spotlight Speaker:

    Marc Berman SpeakerSaturday, February 1st, 2014, at 10:45 am
    Program #: 1800
    Location: MTCC Room 203

    Dr. Michael Gordon,
    Medical Program Director, Palliative Care,
    Baycrest, Geriatric Health Care Systemo


    Where is the GPS for Eldercare?

    Canada’s population is aging. The challenge to health care providers and elders’ families is profound. The major source of support and navigation of the health care system is the family. If only there were a GPS for this. Since there isn’t one, the key to success is knowledge and understanding of the issues. As reflected in my book Parenting your Parents, and this presentation, a written GPS might be helpful.

    Dr. Gordon is American born, educated at the University of St. Andrews Medical School, graduating in 1966, post-graduate training in many countries including the UK, Israel, The United States and Canada.
    He has served on many national, provincial and health organization’s committees and boards including the Canadian National Advisory Council on Aging, the Ontario Drug Benefit Program’s Quality and Therapeutics Committee. He continues to serve on the College of Physicians of Ontario, and on the Provincial Coroner’s Committee on Geriatrics and Long-Term. Dr. Gordon has received many awards for his contributions to the field of medicine, aging and education. Among these include the College of Physicians Council award in 1999–2000, the Canadian Society for Geriatric Medicine award in 2006, Royal College of Physicians of Edinburgh fellowship in 2004, and most recently Mentor of the Year by the Royal College of Physicians of Canada in 2008.

    OHLA Special Events:

    Ebsco SponsorOHLA Breakfast hosted by EBSCO
    Thursday, January 30TH, 2014, at 7:45 am
    Program #: 201
    Location: ICTC Niagara Room

    Join fellow OHLA members at breakfast with our host and sponsor, EBSCO. This year there are many new and exciting products and updates which will be highlighted.

    There is no charge, but be sure to register online in the OLA Affiliates category. When you choose OHLA, a pop-up box will appear — enabling you to select OHLA Breakfast. Please note that there is a non-OHLA EBSCO Client Breakfast happening in a different room at the same time.


    OHLA LogoOHLA Annual General Meeting and Awards Presentations
    Thursday, January 30th, 2014, at 5:15 pm
    Program #: n/a
    Location: MTCC Room 202B

    Join the OHLA Executive and OHLA member community as we discuss business arising in 2012 and recognise outstanding OHLA members with special awards. Come recognise the outstanding service of your colleagues and contribute your feedback and ideas for OHLA. Tickets to the OHLA Member Dinner (6:45pm) will be made available at the OHLA Annual General Meeting.


    Ovid Sponsor
    OHLA Member Dinner sponsored by Ovid
    Thursday, January 30th, 2014, at 6:45 pm
    Program #: n/a
    Location: Arriba Restaurant in the lobby of the Renaissance Toronto Downtown Hotel,
    1 Bluejay Place, Toronto, ON.

    Join fellow OHLA members at an OHLA member dinner with our host and sponsor, Ovid. Don't miss this great opportunity to socialise and network with your colleagues in the Ontario health libraries community.

    There is no charge to OHLA members for this special event. The dinner will be held following the OHLA AGM at Arriba Restaurant in Toronto. Please RSVP to Gurvinder Batra (gbatr@tegh.on.ca) or Mary McDiarmid (mmcdiarmid@baycrest.org) by January 15th. Tickets will be made available at the OHLA AGM.

    OHLA Conference Sessions:

    OHLA LogoOHLA Conference Sessions
    Thursday, January 30st, 2014 - Saturday, February 1st, 2014
    Program #' 315, 415, 615, 1015, 1215,1315, 1800

    The OHLA conference planners have arranged for several conference presentations and workshops on health library subjects. Topics vary greatly and include the following subjects:

      • Management & Leadership
      • Library Planning
      • Consumer Health Partnerships
      • Mobile Technologies
      • Professional Roles
      • Professional Wellness

    For full descriptions of OHLA Conference Sessions and Events, see this printable guide.



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