Recent Sessions

 Taking PubMed to the Next Level

Stephanie Swanberg, Keith Engwall

Description: This course is available as a 4-hour in-person workshop or a 4-part webinar series. It targets experienced librarians who search PubMed on a regular basis and will cover advanced search techniques and PubMed features, including customized filters, MyNCBI, alerts, the MeSH Database versus NLM MeSH Browser, and field tags. Alternative interfaces to searching PubMed, including GoPubMed, as well as complementary databases, such as PubMed Health, will be demonstrated. This course is meant to get at the heart of PubMed and give participants the opportunity to share and discuss unique issues and encounters with our most valued resource. The workshop features lectures, demonstrations, hands-on activities, and discussion.

Dates: Feb 21, Feb 23 and Feb 28, Mar 2

Experience Level:            Advanced

CE Contact Hours:            4

Educational Objective:

By the end of the workshop, participants will be able to:

1) Build upon basic PubMed searching skills

2) Refine and expand searches using advanced PubMed features, such as Mesh terms, field tags, etc

3) Customize the PubMed search interface to reflect your specific needs

4) Manage search results and citations using MyNCBI and other citation managers

5) Explore related PubMed search interfaces, such as PubMed Health and GoPubMed

6) Share past experiences and unique issues in using PubMed with professional colleagues


What Is Program Evaluation with Dr. Faisal Islam.

Description: The course intends to enhance understanding of library service providers on how to conduct evaluation to improve their support and services. Covering two sessions, the course provides basic orientation to the science and practice of program evaluation and its application. What is program evaluation? Why it is important? How it is different from research? And how it can be conducted in library services would be the key topics for discussion during the webinars.

Dates: July 18th & 27th

Continuing Education Certificate credits: 2