Past Sessions

Sessions older than 1 year. Organized in alphabetical order, by title.


Title: CADTH and the Health Technology Inquiry Service
Presenter: Jeannette Smith, Stakeholder Relations Officer
Year: 2008


Title: Finding and Writing Grants for your Library
Presenters: Tracey Church, Tracey Church & Associates, Research + Consulting Services
Year: 2016


Title: Finding Authoritative Drug Information Online
Presenters: Gail Nichol, Caitlin Carter
Year: 2016


Title: Googling the Grays: Tips on using Google to track down quality gray literature
Presenter: Sarah Bonato, Health Science Librarian, Centre for Addiction and Mental Health, Toronto, ON.
Year: 2014


Title: Googling the Grey Literature: Resources to augment your health research
Presenter: Sarah Bonato, Health Science Librarian, Centre for Addiction and Mental Health, Toronto, ON.
Year: 2015


Title: Hidden in Plain Sight: Internal Solutions for Reducing Costs through Customer Service Improvement @ your Library
Presenter: John Huber (
Year: 2016


Title: Increasing Library Usage by Nurses: Strategies based on Nursing knowledge Translation Research
Presenter: Unknown, The Ottawa Hospital
Year: unknown


Title: Instructional Facilitation Strategies for Telehealth Presenters
Presenter: Tim Patterson, Telehealth Coordinator
Year: 2006


Title: Introducing CIHI Portal
Presenter: Unknown
Year: 2007


Title: It’s the Singer, Not the Song
Presenter: Dr. Jay Keystone
Year: 2016


Title: Joanna Briggs Institute Database on OvidSP: Demo and Review
Presenter: Amy Allan, Senior Product Specialist
Year: 2013


Title: Let’s talk about changes to Canada’s copyright law…
Presenter: Dr. Margaret Ann Wilkinson, Professor and Faculty Scholar, Faculty of Law, University of Western Ontario, London, Ontario
Year: Unknown


Title: Navigating the CIHI Website: Secrets to unlocking and accessing a wealth of health data and information
Presenter: Unknown
Year: 2006


Title: PRESS – Peer Review of Electronic Search Strategies – Leveraging the Community
Presenter: Margaret Sampson, CHEO, Manager, Library Services, Ottawa, Ontario
Year: unknown


Title: Searching the Cochrane Library: the value of Cochrane reviews to clinical practice
Presenter: Tamara Rader, MLIS
Year: 2014


Title: Talking with the LHINs
Presenter: Laura Kokocinski, Senior Director, Planning, Intergration & Community Engagement, Northwest LHIN & Laura Pisko-Bezruchko, Senior Director, Planning, Intergration & Community Engagement, Toronto Central LHIN
Year: unknown


Title: Transferring Knowledge: Equity for Health Professionals in Ethiopia
Presenter: Sandra Kendall, Global Health Scholar, Peter A. Silverman Centre for International Health, and Director of Library Services, Mount Sinai Hospital, Toronto, ON.
Year: 2014


Title: Update on Docline
Presenter: Isabelle Julian.
Year: 2014