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Superconference 2016 (Feb 1 – Feb 3) was a great success!

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2017 Award Winners are:

  • Toni Janik ~ Lifetime Achievement Award
  • Toni Janik ~ Mentorship and Coaching Award
  • Toni Janik ~ Award of Outstanding Achievement
  • Caitlin Carter ~ The Conference Registration Award

AGM meeting minutes will be made available in the OHLA Members Only Toolbox (Login required).



Super Conference 2016 (Jan. 27 – Jan. 29) has come and gone in a flurry of informative sessions and great OHLA member events. OHLA would like to thank EBSCO, McGraw Hill and OVID for sponsoring our delicious annual OHLA member breakfast, Lunch and dinner.

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For those of you who were unable to attend this year’s OHLA Annual General Meeting, meeting minutes are available in the OHLA Members Only Toolbox (login required).

2016 OHLA Award Winners:

  • Penka Stoyanova ~ Lifetime Achievement Award
  • Miriam Ticoll ~ Lifetime Achievement Award
  • Mary McDiarmid ~ Top Solo in the Library Award
  • Kim Aslett ~ Award of Outstanding Achievement

2016 Conference Report

Every year, OHLA awards one member with the Conference Registration Award. The winner gets their conference fee reimbursed in order to support their educational potential and help expand their professional growth by participating at the OLA Super Conference. In return, OHLA asks winners to write an article about their conference experience.

The 2016 winner was Sandra Kendall! For a pdf of Sandra’s experience, click here
See the artistic representation of Dr. Kalina Kamenova’s presentation here (Art by Liisa Sorsa of ThinkLink Graphics)



2015 OHLA Award Winners:

  • Cathy Maclean ~ Lifetime Achievement Award
  • Mary McDiarmid ~ Lifetime Achievement Award
  • Bonnie Brownstein ~ Top Solo in the Library Award
  • Sandra Kendall ~ The Conference Registration Award
  • Sandra Kendall – Mentorship and Coaching Award

2015 Conference Report

The 2015 winner was Bonnie Brownstein! Below is her experience of the 2015 Super Conference.

For a pdf version of Bonnie’s experience, click here








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