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Fearless By Design / Délibérément audacieux

We take risks. We endeavour to explore the unknown. We shed light on learning and technology, and we fight for the right to information, literacy, and education for all. As knowledge and research experts, we venture to serve our communities, schools, and more. We forecast needs and provide services, spaces, and places that support everyone.

We are entrusted with holding the facts and evidence upon which a just society is based.  As our society transforms, so do we.

We are Fearless by Design.

OHLA Sessions & Events:

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Wednesday, January 31, 2018


Designing Best and Emerging Practices in Research Management: A Survey of Health Education Institutions (Juanita Richardson, Dr. Ann Russell, Mikaela Gray)


How Do We Teach Clinicians Where the Resources for Best Evidence Are? (Michelle Ryu, Sandra Kendall, Chris Walsh)


Marketing Health Science Libraries like a Graphic Designer (Rachel Sandieson, Nicole Maddock)

Thursday, February 1, 2018


OHLA Breakfast (pre-register for this breakfast when you register for the conference)


Poor Health Literacy is a Problem In Canada! Learn How to Write and Speak Effectively (Daphne Horn, Katrina Grieve)


Results of a Hospital Ebook Survey Examining Users’ Preferences (Sarah Bonato, Katie Holmes)


OHLA Spotlight presents Dr. Danielle Martin


OHLA Annual General Meeting (Dinner with OVID to follow)


Friday, February 2, 2018


Graphic Medicine and Hospital Libraries: Comic Books as a New Perspective on Healthcare Collections (Rachel Sandieson)


Are We Meeting Program Accreditation Standards? (Jennifer McKinnell , Andrea McLellan, Stephanie Sanger)

Raising The Village: Providing Communities with Data And Research that Measures the Well-Being of Children and Families (Tamara Augsten, Lorraine Mcleod)


K2A (Knowledge to Action) Library Edition (Heather Kemp, Beata Pach, Maria Aulicino)


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