OHLA Votes to join OLA as a New Division

The final vote count is in! OHLA has support of its members to dissolve as an independent organization and join OLA as a division. Thank you for participating and also for your patience!

Vote Results

The results of the combined in-person and email vote are:


  • A total of 40 members voted
  • 38 members voted yes
  • 2 members voted no

OHLA bylaws define a quorum as 25 percent of the membership. Since over half of our OHLA members voted, we have over the minimum number set forth in the bylaws.

Next Steps

A joint OHLA/OLA working group comprised of OHLA/OLA Board and/or Council members will be formed to map out the next steps of the transition, including drafting new bylaws. The names of OHLA/OLA members on the working group and a timeline for the next 3 months will be shared with OHLA members a soon as possible.

Thank you again! A bright and exciting future awaits us!


Sarah Bonato, MIS
OHLA President 2020